Portland State University
Summer  2004
Graduate School of Education

CI 510: Research and Resources

CI 610: Research and Resources

Instructor: Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D.

Office: 602F Education Building

Contact Information: 503-725-4679, stevensd@pdx.edu

Office Hours: Thursdays- 9:00- Noon (1st 4 weeks of summer term), Call 503-725-4619 for an appointment


This course is designed for graduate students to examine research and resources in the field of curriculum and instruction.  The course uses a broad definition of resource that include colleagues, traditional research literature and the self . The purpose is to develop the students' research abilities and to give students some strategies by which to continually develop and clarify their scholarly agenda.   Students will study the assumptions of the various research paradigms from empirical to phenomenological to critical in relation to their own epistemological paradigms.  Strategies that students will develop are interviewing, writing, keeping a professional journal and negotiating the publishing process. In particular, students will submit a book review (doctoral level) or a teaching strategies article (MA/MS level).  Finally, students will design an action plan for meeting their professional goals and continuing their professional development.

Essential Practices- based on the GSE Guiding Principles (GP) and Goals (G)

    Study and model exemplary programs and practices across the life span (GP)

    Help educators challenge assumptions about their practices (GP)

    Encourage reflection of educators to improve practice (Goal)

Course Objectives

    To understand the role of research and resources in instructional decision-making, professional development, staff and program development;

         To compare and contrast different research perspectives from empirical,

         phenomenological, applied and critical;

         To know the major journals in student's own research area;

         To learn how to write a book review and submit it to a journal (doctoral);

         To learn how to write and submit an article for a professional journal (masters);

         To design and conduct a formal interview with a faculty member;

         To know a set of strategies for writing improvement;

         To develop a broader and deeper understanding of what it means to be a scholar

Accommodations for students:

                  Students needing an accommodation should immediately inform the instructor. Students are referred to Disability Services (503-725-4005) to document their disability and to request the appropriate support services.


                  Bound blank book for a journal                                             

                  Boice, Robert (1990). Professors as Writers. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press.

                  Huff, Darrell (1982, 1954).  How to lie with statistics.  New York: Norton.

                  Book for a book review (Doctoral only).                                          

CI 510/610: Research & Resources in Curriculum & Instruction: Class Schedule

Class #/ Date


Assignment DUE on this date

1. Thursday    June 24


Class will NOT meet due to family emergency

1.1   Read material on writing a book review (doctoral) or writing an article about teaching strategies (MA/MS).  Start the process. Contact a journal editor. Select book.
      (Download the Book Review Rubric)

1.2   Start creating your annotated list of journals in your content area.

1.3   Journal-keeping Activity:
Freewriting, spend 10 minutes a day writing in your journal for the next week

See notes in topic column.

2. Friday       June 25


Class will NOT meet due to family emergency


3. Thursday   July 1


3.1 Turn in your signed contract for course points & assignments.

3.1. Book Review Progress:
Check-in book review or teaching strategies article

3.2. Epistemological perspectives
Research literature & epistemological perspectives

Your work & epistemological perspectives

3.3   An annotated bibliography- What is it? How is it useful?

3.4  Journal-keeping Activity: Dialogue I

Book Review: Selection of book to be reviewed (Doctoral level) or

Teaching Strategies Article (MA/MS level)

4. Friday       July 2

4.1. Developing an Interview Protocol
      (Download the Interview Protocol Rubric)

4.2   Boice & Academic Writing.

    Discussion of blocking questionnaire

4.3   Journal-keeping activity: Metaphor

BOICE, C. 1-4

Do Boice questionnaire

Annotated Bib Due

5. Thursday   July 8

5.1  Interview: How to conduct & write-up
      (Download the Interview Analysis Rubric)

5.2   Presentation Skills Round-up- Stance & gestures

5.3   Annotated bibliography

5.4   Methods of boosting writing production

Boice, C. 5-8

Interview Protocol due

Text structure analysis due

6. Friday       July 9

6.1   Book review: Check in

6.2   How to lie with statistics presentations.  C. 1, 2, 3
      (Download the How to Lie With Statistics Rubric)

6.3   Presentation Skills Round-up- Eyes

6.4   Journal-keeping activity: Lists

Stats Presentations C. 1,2,3

7. Thursday   July 15

7.1    How to lie with statistics presentations

7.2   Presentation Skills Round-up- Feet & Voice

7.3   Journal-keeping activity -  Dialogue II

Journal Table of Contents & Selection- reflection due

Stats Presentations C.4,5,6

8. Friday       July 16

8.1    How to lie with statistics presentations.

8.2    Journal-keeping activity Letter from the future

Interview protocol and analysis due

Book review or magazine article due

Stats Presentations C.7,8,9

Assignments: Summary


1. List of Journals with Annotations
2.1  Book Review
3. Interview of faculty member
4. Class Discussion on Chapter: How to Lie with Statistics
5. Read: Professors as Writers, Complete Boice's Blocking Questionnaire.
6. Journal Table of Contents & meaningful entry with reflection

1. List of teaching references you use with annotations
2.2   Write and submit short article on favorite or tested teaching method you use
3. Interview of principal or teacher in district office           
4. Presentation & class discussion of chapter in How to lie with statistics
5. Read: Professors as Writers.  Complete Boice's Blocking Questionnaire.
6. Journal Table of Contents & meaningful entry with reflection


(Download the Class Contract)